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What to do when someone dies

If you are reading this because a loved one has died or is dying, please accept our condolences; we are sorry that you are having to go through this difficult time. We hope you find this information helpful in understanding the arranging of a funeral.

The death of a loved one is never easy, but it is manageable. Our team are dedicated to guiding and supporting you through each step of the process, beginning with the first steps outlined here.

You can call us for guidance and support at anytime on 01492 860 280.

Where your loved one has died will determine the first steps to take.

If your loved one died in Hospital or a Hospice

If your loved one dies in hospital or a hospice, you will be contacted by the bereavement team based at the location. They will be able to offer practical and emotional support. The bereavement team will ask you if you have a Funeral Director appointed, or may have asked you to consider that already. If you appoint us as your Funeral Director, we will make all necessary arrangements directly with the hospital or hospice, to bring your loved one into our care. The bereavement team will coordinate the completion of all paperwork relating to the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death and Doctors Cremation forms (if applicable) and will liaise with you directly in regards to obtaining the death certificate from the Registrar in the district of the hospital or hospice.

The Bereavement Offices at our two local hospitals are open 10am – 4pm, Monday – Friday (excluding Bank Holidays):

Ysbyty Glan Clwyd - 01745 534 147

Ysbyty Gwynedd - 01248 384 169

More information can be found here.

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If your loved one died in a Nursing or Care Home

If your loved one dies in a nursing or care home, a medical professional must certify the death. They will either be your loved one’s registered GP, the on-call doctor or a registered specialist nurse. Once the death has been certified, the nursing or care home will contact us to bring your loved one into our care. If we have been appointed as your Funeral Director, we will liaise with the Doctor who was looking after your loved one (usually within the last 14 days), to obtain the necessary paperwork (Medical Certificate of Cause of Death) in order for you to register the death with the local Registrar.

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If your loved one died at home

As with nursing or care homes, if the death was expected it will need to be certified by a medical professional (usually a Doctor or a registered specialist nurse). Once the death has been certified, you can make contact with us when you are ready. Take the time you need to say goodbyes, if you wish to do so, then call our team to arrange bringing your loved one into our care. As part of the next steps in the process we will assist you in obtaining the necessary completed paperwork from the registered GP.

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If your loved one died unexpectedly

For sudden or unexpected deaths, the standard procedure is for the ambulance service to attend in the first instance. Once the ambulance is in attendance, as a matter of formality, the Police will attend. The Police will collect information on behalf of the Coroner and will then contact your requested Funeral Director, or the on-rota Funeral Director, to take your loved one to Ysbyty Glan Clwyd. The Coroner may request a post-mortem or inquest depending upon the circumstances surrounding your loved ones passing.

The Coroner will speak to you about their investigation and will ask you to appoint a Funeral Director, if you haven’t already done so. We will not be able to confirm a date or time for a funeral until the Coroner has finished their investigations. Towards the end of the Coroner’s investigation, the Coroner’s office will let our team know when we can collect your loved one and bring them into our care.

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If your loved one dies abroad or away from home

Our team are on hand to advise and guide you through the process when your loved one dies elsewhere in the United Kingdom or abroad, if you wish to have them returned into our care. Tom Owen and Son has experience of receiving coffins from abroad in addition to repatriating people to countries outside of the United Kingdom.

You can call us for guidance and support at anytime on 01492 860 280.

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