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Your funeral soundtrack

A great way to personalise a funeral service is to choose songs that mean something to you or your loved one. Songs that pay tribute to someone's personality or a reminder of their favourite song is a great place to start in deciding on their soundtrack for the funeral.

Popular funeral songs

According to the Cost of Dying 2021 Report by Sunlife, only 26% of people told their loved ones which songs they wanted played at their funeral. When organising a funeral with Tom Owen and Son, we give the family full control over what music they would like. Some choose uplifting and personal songs while some opt for classical music or hymns to remain traditional. We would always recommend that the mourners in attendance be considered for any song choice and to remain respectful to the bereaved family and friends.

In 2020, the Top 10 songs played at funerals (according to Sunlife) were:

  1. Amazing Grace
  2. My Way, Frank Sinatra
  3. Abide With Me
  4. All Things Bright and Beautiful
  5. Time to Say Goodbye, Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli
  6. The Lord is My Shepherd
  7. Jerusalem
  8. We'll Meet Again, Vera Lynn
  9. Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Eva Cassidy
  10. Wind Beneath My Wings, Bette Midler

Finding the right soundtrack for your funeral

Finding the right song for a funeral can be challenging. Speak to your funeral director for inspiration if you are struggling, as we will be able to make some suggestions. Choosing the music for a funeral is a very important part of the process, as it will set the mood of the service.

There are no rules when it comes to choosing songs for a funeral. Some people have recently started to opt for songs that make people smile. In particular, we have recently had requests for:

  • Always Look on the Bright Side of Life from Monty Python's Life of Brian;
  • Frere Jacques;
  • Free Falling by Tom Petty.

We are usually able to source any music choices, as the Crematorium has a full digital music library and we tend to download to cd from iTunes for services within the churches or other venues. Alternatively, we can source singers and musicians to provide live music on the day or perhaps a family friend would like to play. Speak to us about the options available to you.

How many songs can we have at our funeral?

Usually you can have 3 pieces of music, but there is an option for a 4th piece if the tributes and eulogy aren't long. The first piece of music will be played upon entry to the crematorium, church, chapel or venue. The second piece will be played in the middle, usually as a reflective piece or to accompany a slideshow and the third will be played on the way out. We have had a few services recently where the fourth piece of music was played during the committal.