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Should I have a funeral notice or online tribute?

Arranging a funeral involves making a few decisions and letting your family and friends know about the funeral arrangements can be a time consuming process, one which you may not emotionally be ready for. In this blog, we look at the benefits of having a funeral notice either in the papers or online and how online tribute sites work.

By collating messages, videos and images of the deceased, an online tribute service allows the bereaved family and friends closure and solace, from anywhere in the world, even if they have not been able to attend the funeral.

The growth of online memorials in recent years shows how the bereaved want and need to externalise their grief and sadness as well as to pay tribute to the memory of their lost one. In particular, this last year has seen more need than ever to have access to the funeral and tributes to the loved one due to the restrictions in place regarding funerals.

What is a funeral notice?

A funeral notice is a formal inclusion in the local or national papers, and also now includes an online funeral notice. You can view any historic funeral notices here. There is usually a cost associated with publishing a notice in the papers but is a great way to inform those that may not have access to the internet.

There is no legal requirement for you to put a funeral notice in the newspaper.

What is an online tribute?

Tom Owen and Son offer a complimentary online tribute to all clients. You can view historic online tributes here. This provides an easy way to share details of the funeral service, allow friends and family to donate online and make use of gift aid, keep people up to date with any changes in arrangements and also provides a long lasting commemorative page for the life of the deceased.

The online tribute pages are personalised to the person who has died. They remain live for many years and provide the perfect place for people to remember the deceased person. By adding photos, messages, videos or music and at anniversaries you can light candles in tribute. In addition, we can upload the order of service and service sheet in order to capture the day of the funeral.

Benefits of having an online tribute or funeral notice

Funeral notices and online tributes are the quickest and easiest way to share the funeral arrangements with more people.

Our online tribute, in partnership with MuchLoved, can be shared by text, email or on social media.

They also help people plan their journey as they include a map of the venue. We include webcast details online if they have been set up at the request of the family or next of kin.

Our online tribute page is a secure and trusted platform in which to donate to registered charities. The addition of Gift Aid allows for more money to be raised for the various charities.

Who are MuchLoved?

MuchLoved is a charitable organisation established to assist people who have experienced bereavement, particularly the death of a family member or friend. Their online tributes are individual, unique and sensitive in order to allow people to commemorate, celebrate and remember a person.

MuchLoved was established after one of the founders set up a memorial website for his brother who died suddenly at University in 1995 aged just 21. Online memorials were seen as quite unusual at the time because, apart from a newspaper obituary and the funeral ceremony itself, society deemed bereavement as a private matter. This approach benefited society, but not the bereaved.

See our online tributes here

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