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Sarah Harding

Sarah Harding was diagnosed with breast cancer just before her 39th birthday, in the middle of a global pandemic.

The cancer was advanced, having spread to her lung. Sarah tried to remain positive and was doing her absolute best to fight the horrible illness despite being told she had two years maximum left to live.

Sadly she lost that battle, aged 39, on 5 September 2021.

Sarah’s mum, Marie announced the news on her instagram page @sarahnicoleharding "It's with deep heartbreak that today I'm sharing the news that my beautiful daughter Sarah has sadly passed away.

Many of you will know of Sarah's battle with cancer and that she fought so strongly from her diagnosis until her last day. She slipped away peacefully this morning.

I'd like to thank everyone for their kind support over the past year. It meant the world to Sarah and it gave her great strength and comfort to know she was loved.

I know she won't want to be remembered for her fight against this terrible disease - she was a bright, shining star and I hope that's how she can be remembered instead."

She is most famously remembered for being one of the fifth of girl group, Girls Aloud having auditioned for Popstars The Rivals. They formed in 2002, had four UK number ones and 21 Top 10 hits over the course of a decade, and won a Brit Award for best single for The Promise in 2009. Sarah has also appeared in films and tv. A self confessed tomboy, she grew up in the ladette era!

“Somewhere among the nightclubs, frocks and hairdos, the other Sarah Harding got utterly lost”.

Sarah decided, shortly after her announced diagnosis in August 2020, to write a book, Hear Me Out. Sarah wanted the book to give her something to focus on, while reflecting on the wonderfully colourful life she had led. She describes herself as the “rock chick, blonde bombshell, party girl, the caner of the band”. Before she died, she wanted people to know that the party-girl image and problems with drinking did not define her.

“I can’t rewrite history, all I can do is be as honest as I can and wear my heart on my sleeve.”

During her battle with cancer, Sarah moved into her mums home.

“When you have cancer it takes over everything and I don’t just mean the disease.”

"I don't want an exact prognosis," she wrote. "I don't know why anyone would want that. Comfort and being as pain-free as possible is what's important to me now…

I'm trying to live and enjoy every second of my life, however long it might be. I am having a glass of wine or two during all this, because it helps me relax. I'm sure some people might think that's not a great idea, but I want to try to enjoy myself. I'm at a stage now where I don't know how many months I have left. Who knows, maybe I'll surprise everyone, but that's how I'm looking at things.

Right now, I'm trying to find joy whenever and however I can. It's definitely spending quality time with Mum and seeing my friends whenever I can.”

We can only hope that now, as well as being remembered for the good times she will also be remembered for bravely sharing the story of her cancer.

In her book, Hear Me Out, Sarah Harding talks of thinking about funerals all the time over the last year. Acknowledging that it may sound morbid, she considers what kind of send off she would like and what her funeral may consist of.

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