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Can we have a funeral for my baby?

The last thing any new or expectant parents imagine having to do is organising a funeral for their baby. For a lot of bereaved parents, this will be the first funeral they have had to organise and we hope this blog will provide some information on the choices available.

The most important thing with organising a funeral for your baby, is that you are given time to consider all of your options. At Tom Owen and Son Funeral Director, we understand how important that is and encourage you to think through the options.

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Can we have a funeral for our baby?

All babies, regardless of the stage of pregnancy, are entitled to have a funeral. Some parents find that the funeral can help acknowledge and celebrate their baby’s short life.

What are our options for our baby’s funeral?

There are two main options available to you for your baby’s funeral.

The hospital can arrange a funeral on your behalf or you can organise it yourself, perhaps with the support and guidance of a Funeral Director.

If you choose to use a Funeral Director to help you organise a funeral for your baby, they will be able to guide you through the options for burial or cremation. At Tom Owen and Son, we do not charge you for this service. Additional items such as horse drawn carriages and headstones will be chargeable however.

Please speak to Kelly on 01492 860 280 for more information on how Tom Owen and Son Funeral Directors can help.

Burial or cremation?

Your Funeral Director will be able to tell you about the local cemeteries and crematoria, and what they offer.

Your baby can be buried, in the local cemetery, within a lawn or woodland burial plot. Some cemeteries offer specific child and baby sections. These are usually decorated and offer a place to visit.

If you choose for your baby to be cremated, you should speak to your Funeral Director about whether you wish to have your baby’s ashes returned to you. You should note that some crematoria adapt the process to try to ensure there are some ashes available.

What paperwork will be required?

For stillborn babies born after 24 weeks of pregnancy, or who lived for a short time and then died, must be registered by the Registrar of Births and Deaths. The hospital will provide the relevant paperwork to the Registrar to allow you to receive a burial or cremation permit. The funeral director will be able to complete the additional paperwork for you depending on whether you wish to have a burial or cremation for your baby. You may need to sign a form giving the Funeral Director permission to collect your baby from the hospital on your behalf.

For babies born before 24 weeks of pregnancy, the death cannot be registered. However the crematorium or cemetery will need a Medical Certificate from the hospital to confirm that your baby was born dead and that a burial or cremation can be arranged. Your Funeral Director can provide you with support and guidance regarding this.

Further support

Please refer to the following organisations for further help and support:

Please speak to one of our Funeral Directors if you would like more information

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